The Maker

Ting Ting  has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Physics and has studied printmaking at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She is currently studying towards her master’s degree in Energy Technology at the Technical University in Vienna.

She loves many many things – and playing Ultimate (if you don’t know the sport, read about it here) and spends a lot of time training and participating in tournaments. Her other sources of inspiration are:

  1. A journey to Tibet in 2008 which sparked her interest in Buddhist philosophy, which in turn led her to explore the principles of Japanese aesthetics that are rooted in Zen Buddhism and the book “The Unknown Craftsman” by Soetsu Yanagi. She has explored the ideas presented therein ever since.
  2. Writers and poets, makers, creators, artists and craftsmen/-women all around the world and their works.
  3. Her boyfriend, who is a completely different character from her (in a good way), who sometimes shows her other ways of living, that she wouldn’t have thought of herself.

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