Studio Igusa

A studio is a designated space where an artist or craftsman researches and practices his craft, designs, builds, experiments and spends time to arrive at an expression of his philosophy: firstly about the object he is making and the scope of his craft, secondly about life and beauty. In short, a studio is a place where one works to materialize an idea.
The word also has its roots in the Latin word studere, which means to study or to strive, therefore a studio is also a place of research and practice for those who want to become accomplished.

Studio Igusa is my printmaking and sewing studio.

It is, in substance, my well-used wooden tabletop propped up on two wooden trestles, my chair, my lamp and my tools – in short, it’s my workplace. Here is where I print, write, sew, read, study, think and tinker.

Studio Igusa also a dream of mine. Someday I would like to make a living on creating beautiful, useful things for other people.

The blog Studio Days is about Ultimate, dance, energy technology & physics, drawing, printing, writing, sewing, fashion design, piano, singing, a little cooking, – books, green tea and pottery, thoughts and learning to live with grace.

Igusa (藺草) is the Japanese name for the plant Juncus Effusus, also called soft rush. Woven Igusa straw is used to cover tatami, a type of mat used as flooring material in traditional Japanese rooms. They smell heavenly (like dried reeds, reminiscent the relief water brings on hot summer days). My aunt used to have one room in her house set apart to serve as a Buddhist shrine. One wall was covered with figurines and hangings, offerings and incense holders, the other was all windows with blinds pulled. The diffuse light hit the floor which was laid out with carpets and covered with covers of woven igusa. It was the coolest room in the house, so during long hot summer afternoons, I’d take naps there and eat the offered peaches until she forbid it (it was a shrine after all). I have two tatami in my working room, their touch and smell evokes a feeling of peace and satisfaction, a feeling I wish for everyone to have much more often.